“Pulsar Construction” Сompany is engaged in the production of metal structures for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. We offer inexpensive production of metal containers, bunkers, steel tanks for Ukrainian enterprises. We produce our products at the own factory in Brovary city (7000 m2) with a total capacity of 450 tons of steel structures per month. We have all the necessary equipment for welding and experienced personnel for the fast production of metal products in any volume. We work in Kyiv city and in all cities of Ukraine.

Types of metal containers

строительство комплеска емкостей для хранения

A container made of metal or stainless steel is used for stationary storage of various types of liquid. Dimensions, design features, capacity, material of manufacture of the container differ depending on the functional purpose and the substance that is used to fill the container. We manufacture the following types of structures:

  • a storage container for sewage, a septic container with a volume of 5-75 cubic meters for wastewater discharge;
  • hermetically sealed fire tank with mechanical and automatic locking devices;
  • stainless steel metal container for technical and food (drinking) water use;
  • metal cistern – a large-sized barrel for industrial storage of a large supply of water, fertilizers, fuels and lubricants, and other liquids;
  • gas station fuel tank for diesel fuel, gasoline, oil (single-walled, double-walled, single-section, two-section, multi-section);
  • tank for oil and petroleum products, filling of gasoline and fuel oil up to 75 cubic meters. m.

We produce both the standard metal products and according to an individual size. We can purchase a tank of ground or underground installation, vertical or horizontal design, spherical, cylindrical, rectangular or square type.

Manufacturing of metal containers

The plant of our enterprise has established technological lines for the production of tanks of various designs. The production of metal containers takes place in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, GOSTs and Building Code of Ukraine. The structure made of steel material can be equipped with hatches, branch pipes, shutoff valves. Products differ in metal wall thickness, shape, size, volume, and the presence of auxiliary elements. Here you can order the manufacture of metal containers.

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