Building metal structures

Metallurgical company “Pulsar Construction” is engaged in the manufacture of products from high-quality metal and rolled products. We offer inexpensively manufacturing and construction of metal structures for the industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential sectors. Our company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of metal products in Ukraine.

Production facilities with a total area of 7000 m2 and a capacity of 450 tons of metal structures per month are located in Brovary city. The plant is tooled up with modern equipment, which allows to carry out a full cycle of works on the manufacture of metal structures. The widespread use of products is due to the high demand for an inexpensive, durable building material that simplifies the installation process of an object.

Types of building metal structures

Manufacturing of building metal structures is a demanded service in the industrial sector. Such products are used in the construction of bridges, arches, columns, trusses, hangars, warehouses, stairs, roofs, fences, frames and other functional buildings.

каркас монтируемого склада из металлконструкций


Each element of the structure is calculated taking into account the load, purpose, intensity of use and features of the operation of the building object. We manufacture several types of steel structures:

  • frames of industrial and residential buildings;
  • complete prefabricated buildings;
  • crane runway beams, roof trusses;
  • interfloor ceilings, work platforms;
  • structural elements – columns, posts, systems.

The metal material has the required rigidity, strength, durability to withstand heavy loads. The metal structure has a small weight, therefore it exerts minimal pressure on the base – it is allowed to build a construction on a different foundation.

Manufacture of building metal structures

Our enterprise is tooled up with the necessary equipment, advanced material processing technology and raw material base to organize the production of building metal structures according to the customer’s project. The price of construction depends on the amount of material, complexity and scope of work. Leave an application to place an order for the manufacture of metal structures.

Cooperation with us is advantageous, because we:

  • we work in all regions of Ukraine;
  • we have our own production facilities;
  • we carry out orders on a turnkey basis – from design to installation;
  • we provide services at affordable prices.

Please contact us to get a quickly completed order within the agreed time frame, regardless of the scale of the project. Call us to place an order.

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