Anchor blocks

Anchor blocks are one of the main elements that provide fastening of structures and equipment to the foundation. The block consists of a set of elements and is a complex embedded part. It is necessary to increase strength, as well as to reduce construction time and labor costs.

Application of anchor blocks

 The main use of metal products is fastening during the installation of heavy structures, massive equipment, columns. Large-scale installation work that would not require appropriate anchor blocks can hardly be called. They allow you to quickly and with utmost accuracy observe the center distances of parts where necessary. They are used not only to speed up construction, but also for the following needs:

  • increasing the rigidity of the foundation;
  • simplification of the construction of the building;
  • increase in the ability to withstand mechanical loads.

The manufacture of anchor blocks includes a number of operations. Their prices depend on the complexity of the design and the size of the ordered shipment.

изготовление анкерных блоков под заказ

Advantages of anchor blocks

The main advantages of these elements are cheaper and faster construction.

“Pulsar Construction” Company manufactures any type of custom-made products in its own plant. Production and installation are carried out at our enterprise:

  • in the city of Brovary with the area of 7000 sq. m, producing 450 tons per month.

Thanks to our own plant, «Pulsar-Construction» company provides not only a variety of products and convenient delivery, but also competitive, flexible prices. You can buy any set of products.

Types of anchor blocks

The “Pulsar Construction” plant produces the following types of anchors:

  • angle – consists of studs and a frame welded from an angle;
  • on flanges – a construction of studs and fixing flanges;
  • with a plate – a design based on a metal plate, characterized by increased strength;
  • anchor standard foundation block – used to enhance the strength of concrete structures; embedded in concrete during pouring.

“Pulsar-Construction” manufactures products of various types:

  • standard anchor foundation block – has a standard form in accordance with GOST;
  • according to individual customer requirements.

To find out the details and order the shipment of metal products, please, call us or leave a request on the website!

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