Construction of warehouses in Kyiv city

проектирование и строительство складских помещений

Our company has developed a comprehensive Design Package for Architectural and Construction Specifications (Architectural Solutions, Constructive Solutions, Reinforced-concrete Structures), Engineering Specifications (Electrical Appliances, Internal Electric Lighting, Electricity Supply, Schematic Design, Heating and Ventilation), Engineering Communications, Partition Panels),


чертеж кмд по строительству складского комплекса


and a General Layout of the territory with all the necessary drawings on the turnkey basis.


проект складского комплекса


The specialists of our company skillfully applied their experience, using ready-made and already tested building solutions for engineering, which, of course, saved the customer’s time and money.

And now the “Pulsar Construction” team of builders is already completing the initial stage of construction work at the facility.

The full range of construction works under the project will include:


1. Earthworks.
2. Construction of foundations.
3. Manufacturing and installation of a metal frame.
4. Industrial flooring.
5 . Roofing.
6. Facade structures.
7. Installation of windows, doors, gates.

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