Industrial flooring

The floors of industrial premises are exposed to much stronger mechanical and chemical influences than in residential or public buildings. Manufactures, hospitals, warehouses, shops, agricultural enterprises have increased mechanical loads, exposure to aggressive chemical and biological substances, fuel, oil products, toxic waste from animals. In order to withstand all these loads, an industrial floor must have characteristics that meet the relevant requirements for mechanical and chemical resistance. In addition, its coating must provide convenient conditions for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

Production technology of industrial self-leveling flooring

The industrial self-leveling floor produced by our company “Pulsar-Construction” meets the requirements of increased mechanical and chemical strength, ensures safety and has a good appearance. The company also provides attractive prices due to its own production.

The plant of the “Pulsar Construction” company is located in Brovary city, on the area of 7000 sq. m with capacity of 450 tons of finished metal structures per month.

High-quality industrial flooring is not just bare concrete. Its structure is much more complicated. Concrete itself, although it has great strength, cannot withstand sharp, repetitive mechanical loads, rapid changes in temperature and humidity, and point effects of high pressures for a long time.

Modern industrial floor consists of the base material (concrete screed) and polymer topping. Composite synthetics protect concrete and greatly increase its strength. Floor installation is carried out using modern technologies and taking into account the characteristics of the object.

The concrete screed gives the structure the necessary strength and ability to withstand mechanical loads. A liquid topping polymer is poured onto it, giving the surface smoothness and resistance to chemical action.

Industrial flooring does not differ in the way of laying, but topping materials can be made on the basis of different polymers.

The installation sequence of the industrial self-leveling floor is as follows:

  • preparatory works (cleaning of the base, leveling of the surface, elimination of existing cracks and defects);
  • application of the primer on a prepared basis;
  • hardening of the applied compound;
  • topping polymer coating;
  • execution of external temperature-reduced joints;
  • cutting technical openings for the needs of production carried out in this room.

The cost of an industrial floor depends on the area, strength requirements, internal structure, and a set of materials.

Types of polymer coating are selected in accordance with the characteristics of the operating conditions of the floor. Thus, food industry enterprises and machine-building workshops require different floor designs.

The technology of pouring depends on the composition. At the request of the client, decorative techniques and materials can also be used. Decoration is carried out in accordance with fire safety requirements and safety regulations of the relevant production.

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