Installation of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is one of the most popular types of building materials. With their help you can build any prefabricated objects. The panels are used for wall cladding, for roofing and creating internal partitions, installing slopes. Despite the fact that the installation of sandwich panels is relatively simple, it is better to entrust it to professionals. Errors in the installation of panel elements will adversely affect the strength and durability of the structure.

Types of installation of sandwich panels

This type of building material has a multilayer structure and really resembles a sandwich: two rigid PVC plates, between which there is an insulating material. Such a device provides high heat and noise protection properties of the product.

Most often panel plates are mounted on a frame of metal structures. There are several types of installation of sandwich panels:

  • Vertical. This method requires additional installation of welded or galvanized purlins. Buildings up to 7 m high are erected vertically.
  • Horizontal. Here purlins are not required, and the height of the building is practically unlimited.

In some cases, frameless construction is carried out. It implies element-wise fastening of panels to each other without additional fixation on a metal frame.

Wall or roof elements are fastened to the supporting structure using self-drilling screws with a diameter of 6.3 mm. The length of the self-tapping screw depends on the thickness of the mounted sandwich plate. Panels must be installed with a small gap. After the assembly is completed, the gaps between them must be filled with mounting foam or other materials with similar qualities.

Prices for installation of sandwich panels

Our company “Pulsar Construction” offers the clients from Kyiv city and the country the installation of sandwich panels. We are well known in Ukraine, we have extensive experience in the construction of prefabricated buildings. We work quickly, qualitatively, and our prices for construction works will pleasantly surprise you.

The price list presented by our company allows customers to get acquainted with the prices of the installation works per square meter. The cost of installing sandwich panels listed on the site may change slightly due to a number of factors:

  • The total amount of work. The larger the construction, the lower the assembly cost.
  • The fastening method taking into account the weight and thickness of the panels. In the manufacture of external panels, mineral wool or similar insulation is used to provide high thermal insulation. The panel turns out to be thick and rather heavy, it is more difficult to mount it.
  • The mounting height. In order to qualitatively fasten sandwich panels on the outer walls of the upper floors or on the roof, additional devices (cranes, lifts) may be required. This will increase the cost.

Also, the cost is affected by the configuration of the facade, installation features and much more. Specialists report the exact cost after project evaluation and calculation of all types of work.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” is ready to build a construction of any height. We have experienced engineers, so the construction will be carried out with accurate compliance to the project, and  the object commissioning will be within the time specified in the contract.

An additional advantage of cooperation with our company is the availability of our own production. We own a plant for the manufacture of metal products. Located in Brovary city, it occupies an area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of metal structures monthly.

The Metal Structure Plant uses modern equipment and the latest technologies. Finished metal products are cleaned in a sandblasting chamber, and then coated with an anti-corrosion primer. If necessary, metal constructions are additionally painted.

Here you can not only order the installation of sandwich panels, but also purchase the required number of metal structures. Our own production allows us to work without intermediaries, so our prices are lower than market ones, and the quality is high. If necessary, we will deliver the ordered structures to the construction site and assemble the frame for sandwich panels.

You can place an order for our services by phone or leave a request on the website. We will quickly, efficiently and inexpensively install sandwich panels of any complexity.

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