Installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures

The use of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures makes it possible to significantly accelerate the rate of construction. The mounting of reinforced concrete structures is carried out directly on the construction site. Reinforced concrete blocks manufactured at the plant of our company «Pulsar Construction» have high strength characteristics, and their assembly on the construction site takes less time in comparison with other types of construction.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are used in various types of construction: factory buildings, bunkers, airdromes and much more. Reinforced concrete is strong, durable, it can be used to build a structure of almost any configuration.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are divided into several types according to their purpose. The most commonly used in construction are:

  • Panels. A flat, monolithic slab in which doors or windows can be cut. Used in the construction of walls, creating ceilings. This is one of the common elements that are used in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings.
  • Trusses. Most often, they are installed as ceilings in industrial premises. They look like large concrete lattice. For the manufacture of trusses, depending on the operating conditions, heavy, lightweight or structural concrete is used.
  • Columns, beams and crossbars. They function as load-bearing parts of the structure. They create a foundation, are installed as supports and lintels. Products are available in different sizes.
  • Piles. On unstable ground, piles are used to create a solid stable foundation. With their help, a strong and durable building is created.

Also, reinforced concrete is used for the manufacture of socket-type footing, volumetric blocks, landings and marches, supports for lighting poles and power lines.

The mounting of reinforced concrete structures is carried out using a hoisting crane. Work is performed by welding, connecting the protruding steel parts of the rods or creating concrete seams. During the construction of large objects, the construction is divided into zones, each of which has a separate erecting crew and one or more cranes.

The process of building an object from reinforced concrete structures by the specialists of “Pulsar Construction” company can be divided into several stages:

  • building a foundation;
  • formwork installation;
  • creation of an underground part of the building from beams and slabs (if the construction of a basement is necessary according to the project documentation);
  • installation of piles (if required);
  • mounting of load-bearing columns and beams, installation of slabs and ventilation units on floors.

In comparison with monolithic structures, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures have several advantages:

  • Higher quality. Concrete products are created at plants, and weather conditions do not affect the setting concrete. Finished components are strong and durable. In addition, they are easy to transport to the building site.
  • Simple and fast installation. A hoisting crane lifts a reinforced concrete element to the required part of the structure and then it is mounted and fixed using the method provided at the project. The construction of the load-bearing frame and walls is carried out in a short time.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The cost of construction work using prefabricated reinforced concrete elements will be lower. This will save some money without compromising the quality of the building.

Price for installation of prefabricated metal structures

Price depends on the complexity of the work, the size of the connected concrete elements and a number of other factors. Approximate prices for services can be found by reading the price list of our company “Pulsar Construction” or by contacting our operator on the website. The exact cost will be determined after reviewing the project documentation and evaluating all the nuances of construction.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” offers the clients from Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine the service of mounting of prefabricated reinforced concrete buildings. Cooperation with us will ensure you:

  • strict compliance with project documentation;
  • short construction terms;
  • commissioning of the object within the terms specified in the contract.

We have our own production – the plant is located in the city of Brovary on the area of ​​7 thousand m2. It produces 450 tons of metal structures every month.

Our plant uses only modern equipment and technologies. This allows obtaining products with high strength characteristics. Our production facilities allow us to work without intermediaries, so the prices for our products are lower than the market average, and the quality is high. We will produce, deliver and mount the necessary building elements.

You can order our services by calling or leaving a request on the website. We have extensive experience in this field, so we guarantee our clients the speed and quality of our work.

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