Installation of corrugated board

Profiled metal sheet is one of the most common materials used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings and structures. Therefore, the installation of corrugated board is one of the highly demanded services provided by “Pulsar Construction” company.

The corrugated board has a lot of advantages: 

  • durable;
  • longeval;
  • fire resistant;
  • not subject to decay;
  • easy to set up and operate;
  • has a budget price.

The “Pulsar Construction” company has its own production, so we have the opportunity to pursue a friendly pricing policy and set minimum prices. Our plant:

  • in Brovary city with the area of 7000 sq. m, producing 450 tons per month.

Installation of corrugated board is carried out:

  • on a roof;
  • on walls;
  • as a fence.

We produce roofing and wall cladding profiled sheets with all types of crests and top coatings. Therefore, we can offer the right profile and thickness material for each task.

The total cost of installation is determined individually. The price list gives approximate prices, and the final calculation is made after discussing the features of the object where the mounting will be carried out.

Installation of corrugated board on the roof

A roof made of corrugated board can be of any configuration, include horizontal and inclined sections. The corrugated board on the roof can be used as a main one or form a platform on which other roofing material will be mounted.

The metal profile is lightweight, it does not make the roof heavier, does not create additional loads, therefore it is optimal both for the construction of new houses and for repairs. It is suitable for both industrial and residential buildings. Unlike other materials, corrugated board is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is not afraid of hail, icy rain, snowfall. With high-quality installation, it is able to withstand even a hurricane wind.

The cost of installing corrugated roofing depends on the configuration and the chosen installation technology.

Mounting of corrugated board on the wall

When mounted on the wall, the corrugated board performs a complex function: 

  • protecting the main wall material;
  • thermal insulation of the room.

For this type of work, a special wall corrugated board with a crest height of 8 to 20 mm is used. The technology of its fastening has its own characteristic features. For areas with increased wind load, models with a maximum height of the crest should be selected. In most cases, the performance characteristics of the C8 brand are sufficient.

You can order any types of finishes:

  • sheathing of existing walls;
  • finishing of external walls and internal premises;
  • installation of a profiled sheet that will form a wall.

Installation of a corrugated board canopy

Specialists of “Pulsar Construction” company carry out installation of canopies of any design:

  • standing separately;
  • adjoining the wall;
  • appentice and duo-pitch;
  • arched.

Works are carried out on a turnkey basis. You can order a full cycle, from the creation of a project, to the manufacture of structural elements and the actual installation.

To build a canopy you need:

  • profiled sheets;
  • structures for supports and foundations;
  • roof frame;
  • metal plates;
  • fasteners (hardware, anchor bolts).

Since “Pulsar Construction” has its own Metal Structure Plant, you can order the manufacture of all these parts with individual characteristics.

For the installation of canopies and fences, it is necessary to choose high-strength profiled sheets, grades not lower than C18. They are able to withstand the storm wind, which, though not so often, but still occurs in the climate of Ukraine.

Specific advantages of canopies from corrugated board:

  • construction speed;
  • advantageous prices;
  • variety of design;
  • durability.

Price for corrugated board installation

The “Pulsar Construction” company is well known in Kyiv city and throughout Ukraine for the high quality of its products and installation services, as well as customer-oriented prices. You can see the price for services on our website. We invite you to order the installation of a profiled sheet of any complexity and volume.

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