Fire protection of metal structures

At first thought, it may seem that the treatment of metal structures with a fire retardant composition is a waste of money, because the metal does not burn. It is true that the metal supports cannot ignite, but they become very hot from the flame, lose their strength and can collapse, exacerbating the consequences of a fire. Applying fire protection will prevent excessive overheating, which violates the properties of the metal, and reduce the severity of damage.

Methods of fire-retardant processing of metal structures

Fire retardant processing is needed for residential and non-residential buildings made of metal structures, warehouses and other important facilities.

Fire retardant processing of metal structures can be carried out in various ways:

  • Fire resistant screens. Lightweight refractory panels have become a good alternative to asbestos and other heavy refractory materials. Plates made of mineral fibers are used.
  • Plasters on a cement-gypsum basis or made with the addition of vermiculite and/or perlite.
  • Intumescent coatings with high fire resistance.

All methods used are in accordance with fire safety standards. The method of protection depends on the design features of the building.

The most commonly used paint coating. At a temperature of 170-200°C, the paints “swell out”, creating a layer of dense incombustible foam. The advantages of their use are numerous: ease of application, attractive appearance of the metal construction and good fire protection. The method is reliable and suitable for almost all types of metal products.

The application of fire protection with the help of paints and paint-and-lacquer material is carried out in several stages:

  • preparatory treatment (removal of dirt and traces of corrosion from the surface);
  • application of anti-corrosion composition;
  • processing of metal structures with fire-protection composition.

If necessary, the steel surface is additionally covered with a layer of decorative paint.

Flame proofing processing of metal structures

Flame protection is necessary and if you want to increase the strength of metal structures in case of fire, then contact our company. The cost of flame proofing processing of metal structures depends on the nature of the materials used, the size of the object and how exactly the metal needs to be treated. But we have loyal prices and high quality of execution. We will carry out flame proofing processing of the finished product of any configuration or prefabricated metal elements.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” has an own plant, which is located in Brovary city on an area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of metal structures every month.

The finished production is cleaned in a sandblasting chamber, then anti-corrosion protection is applied. If necessary, we will apply a flame proofing coating of metal structures at the plant. Building materials with improved fire resistant properties will be delivered to the construction site.

The presence of our own production facilities allowed us to reduce the cost of products. We work without intermediaries, so our metal structures, manufactured using modern equipment and latest technologies, are cheap.

Working with our company, you get durable reliable metal structures with high-quality fireproofing and save some money.

You can order our services by phone or by leaving a request on the official site of “Pulsar Construction”. We have been known on the Ukrainian market for a long time due to the high quality of services and affordable prices.

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