“Pulsar Construction” jointly with “Metinvest-SMC” hold the #steelfront

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“Pulsar Construction” Company has been cooperating with “Metinvest-SMC” LLC  for 9 years.

Our company specializes in industrial construction and manufactures various types of metal structures at our own Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city. The geography of objects, which our company is building, stretched throughout Ukraine. In particular, the following are being built:

  • business centers;
  • commercial buildings;
  • factories, warehouses, logistics centers;
  • structures for agricultural facilities, etc.

The production capacity of the company is 450 tons per month.

Modern equipment is used for the manufacture of metal structures.


In July 2022, “Pulsar Construction” Company received the EN 1090 certificate, which confirmed that it is a quality manufacturer of the European level. For manufacturing, we use “Metinvest-SMC” LLC rolled metal products, so we mark the contribution of our partner in the construction of such facilities:

1. Equestrian arena for a country complex





The project was built in the Kyiv region in 2020. The equestrian arena is located on the territory of the “Equides Club” Country Complex and is its main pride.


Here you can keep your hobby and practice in equestrian sports or learn how to ride with the help of a professional instructor.



The “Pulsar Construction” Company manufactured the metal structures of the frame of the complex (160 tons).






2. Logistics complex in Kyiv region

Building parameters: 44×90, height – 15 m.

The total metal consumption is 300 tons.

3. Sports complex in Kyiv region

The construction of the “Vihola” Sports Complex began in 2021 and the construction of the first stage was completed. And in the spring of 2022, “Pulsar Construction” Company resumed work and proceeded to the implementation of the second phase of construction – the tennis courts of the sports complex.

We are grateful to our partner for cooperation! We are working to support the country’s economy, we are holding a steel front and are ready to restore the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities.

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