Construction of agricultural buildings

The development of agriculture has set new tasks for the builders. Agricultural facilities have special requirements related to the specifics of production. These structures differ from civil and industrial buildings. They should be suitable for the purpose of use, ensure the fulfillment of the main task and have a low cost and a profitable payback. The agricultural facilities include:

  • farms;
  • stables;
  • livestock complexes;
  • storage of grain and products;
  • garages;
  • warehouses;
  • other buildings on agricultural land.

 Considering the fact that the construction of agricultural facilities is usually carried out outside the boundaries of settlements, the use of modular technology on a frame made of durable material is widespread. The advantages of this method are the following:

  • low material costs for construction;
  • energy efficiency of buildings;
  • short construction period;
  • long service life;
  • almost any configuration of agricultural buildings;
  • laconic design;
  • simple installation;
  • the possibility of demounting and transfer to another site.

Construction is allowed regardless of the season and weather conditions.

Compared to traditional brick and concrete buildings, prefabricated frame structures have shown improved functional performance. The use of energy-efficient materials and the reliability of load-bearing structures increases the life of the premises, does not require repairs, which contributes to a quick payback of agricultural facilities.

строительство сельскохозяйственных объектов и ферм

 Technology of construction of agricultural facilities and buildings

The construction of prefabricated agricultural buildings is based on the use of frame structures. They are the load-bearing element of the building and take on the physical load. Reliability and stability of the construction is determined by the type and quality of building materials and the correct assembly.

Since a building or structure can have a different purpose, the design of agricultural facilities is carried out before construction begins. At this stage, specialists determine the shape and dimensions of the building, calculate the loads of mechanical and physico-chemical affecting, develop the communication component of the future production and carry out a preliminary calculation of the estimate.

The frame is made of durable and lightweight metal. Metal sheets and corrugated boards sometimes are used as enclosing structures, but most often, we recommend mounting sandwich panels. Metal structures treated with anti-corrosion agents and sandwich panels are resistant to moisture and environmental influences. In this way, it is possible to create lightweight buildings with an impermeable finish, perfectly adapted for long-term use.

Agricultural construction using lightweight structures and sandwich panels has a significant advantage due to the low load on the base. This makes it possible to build without a solid foundation and reduces the requirements for the terrain of the area for future agricultural facility construction.

Construction of agricultural facilities and buildings on a turnkey basis

Our “Pulsar Construction” company offers services for the engineering and construction of agricultural buildings for any purpose.

We design agricultural objects taking into account the specifics of the future structure, aligning with the purpose. Our specialists have experience in the construction of cowsheds, pigsties, poultry farms, hangars, warehouses and garages.

Engineers of “Pulsar-Construction” company offer both standard solutions and development of a new project at the request of the customer. The number of storeys, the area of the complex, and the design features determine the price of the project.

All structural metal parts are manufactured at our own facility. This is a Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city (with an area of 7000 sq. m and a capacity of 450 tons per month).

If you order the construction service for an agricultural facility on the turnkey basis, we will perform the design with a full set of documentation, manufacture, delivery and installation of metal structures at the construction site.

Construction of agricultural buildings

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